Forte Village: A classic reinvented

Forte Village

Already since 1970, the Forte Village in the south of Sardinia has only one goal: to offer its guests a unique, exclusive and incomparable vacation. The house enjoys an impeccable reputation whose secret of success, besides the interaction with international sporting as well as culinary greats in the hotel business, are permanent renovations and optimizations.

Forte Village is reinventing itself, living up to its legendary reputation. The Forte Village team has planned some highlights for 2022. Thanks to the innovations, every vacation wish will continue to be fulfilled in the hotels and villas. Sun worshippers and bathing mermaids can look forward to an expansion of the beach and a comprehensive redesign of the Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa. Just in time for the start of the season in March, the newly designed Performance Center for fitness lovers will also open, and the well-known Sport Academy will invite more sports legends. The youngest guests can look forward to the best entertainment in the new crèche and the Dance Academy. Gourmets will be enchanted by star chefs and exclusive menus. With all these innovations the environment may not suffer naturally. Thus, the resort is committed to a better future with reduction of plastic waste and CO2 emissions, plant protection as well as water recycling.

We want to prepare Forte Village for the new challenges in order to continue to be at the top of hospitality.

Lorenzo Giannuzzi, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Forte Village

About the Forte Village

Forte Village was born in April 1970 from the intuition of Lord Charles Forte, an Italian-English hotelier and president of the Trust House Forte chain. He was the pioneer who recognized the tourist potential and the natural beauty of the southwest coast of Sardinia. Today Forte Village is a charming vacation complex consisting of eight elegant hotels, eleven villas and more than forty suites. It is located 40 km from Cagliari and its international airport and has a special microclimate, described in numerous studies as unique in Europe. The complex is surrounded by a garden of almost 50 hectares, framed by white beach and sea.  The promontory that rises behind Santa Margherita di Pula protects the coast from the north winds and guarantees more than 300 days of sunshine a year. The resort is open from March to December.

The house also knows no limits in terms of cuisine: 21 restaurants, 80 chefs and a cellar with about 600 wine rarities. The Aquaforte is the first medical spa in Sardinia. A series of innovative techniques, treatments and, above all, thalassotherapy make the spa a special place of relaxation and complete the multi-faceted concept.

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