The year 2023 was characterised by Falconeri’s “Quiet Luxury” trend, an innovative interpretation of luxury characterised by understated elegance. This trend continues in 2024 and continues to evolve, being perfected not only indoors but also outdoors.

Falconeris new collection is the answer to the desire for clothing, that is both functional and stylish. As interest in a more sustainable lifestyle increases, Falconeri has added an outdoor version to its Silent Luxury clothing.

Quality and timeless design

The quality and timeless design that Falconeri is known for is reflected in its high-quality collections and natural fibres. Cashmere remains at the heart of the knitwear, with the characteristic yarn from Mongolia. It warms without weighing you down, providing unrivalled softness and long-lasting garments.

Casual clothing, which already symbolises the new generation, is making a comeback. Falconeris pure cashmere quality is combined with a sporty touch, perfectly balancing elegance and comfort.

The collection also offers a selection of outerwear, including coats in various lengths and the iconic sleeveless jackets – a must-have for winter.

Calm colour palette

The “Quiet Outdoors” colour palette fromFalconeri includes light and neutral shades such as white, vanilla light, rum, classic black and refreshing sea blue.

These subtle colours harmonise perfectly with nature. Falconeri thus reinforces the combination of style and functionality. The nature-inspired collection also brings the “Quiet Luxury” trend outdoors.