Mobile coffee house under the clock tower – the Espressomobil is now also touring through Styria with its Vespa cars.

Whether it be the cattle drive of Lippizaner-Studs in Piber, the Graz Autumn Fair, or Motor GP: Since last summer, two Espressomobiles have also been on the roads in Styria – and wherever anything is happening there they are. Not only espresso is served in these Vespa cars, which have been converted into mini coffee houses, but also cappuccino, latte macchiato and melange … to go, or to linger over in the retro Italian ambience. Because not only the friendly-looking vehicle is reminiscent of Italy, the coffee also tastes like it does on holiday … “We use a mixture of 80 percent arabica beans and 20 percent robusta, freshly roasted in Austria at a low temperature with plenty of patience,” explains Alexandra Berger, franchisee of the Styrian Espressomobiles. Mariazell spring water is used for brewing.


Those who want to can have a sayingor their own company logo conjured onto the cappuccino or caffè latte in the milk foam. Real fans also rent the Espresso mobil for company celebrations, birthdays or other occasions, making drinking coffee together a special experience.

For those who would like to become acquainted with the Espressomobil: During term time on weekdays, one of the two Vespa Cars is usually on Eggenberger Allee in front of the FH Joanneum. And recently the Espressomobil has also been offering reading pleasure: Thanks to a collaboration with zcircle and the Kleine Zeitung, up to 50 newspapers and magazines can be read for free via Bluetooth in the vicinity of the mobile mini coffee houses.