Digital Dharma: How AI Can Elevate Spiritual Intelligence and Personal Well-Being

New York Times bestselling author Deepak Chopra delivers a visionary and unprecedented exploration of how artificial intelligence can revolutionize well-being and open new horizons for personal development.

“AI has the potential to help us create a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy, and joyful world. Digital Dharma shows you a path.”—Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI

In a world captivated yet bewildered by artificial intelligence, spiritual icon Deepak Chopra, M.D., illuminates AI’s untapped potential to unravel the enigma of consciousness, positioning AI not as a threat but as a catalyst for personal and collective growth. In Digital Dharma, Chopra navigates the balance between technology and expanded awareness, explaining that while AI cannot duplicate human intelligence, it can vastly enhance personal and spiritual growth.

Chopra shows readers how the most popular, freely available chatbots can serve as guides through every level of human potential—survival and safety, emotional connection, self-worth, abundance, creativity, wisdom, and the infinite possibilities of cosmic consciousness. AI chatbots offer information, advice, and exploratory avenues of untapped potential about any aspect of human awareness.

In practical terms, making AI your ally and guide depends on the art of the prompt, the questions a user poses to a chatbot. As Chopra shows in detail, by asking the right questions, you can bring AI into your inner world, which is where personal growth happens. Chopra provides a personal assessment for you to better understand yourself and exercises to help you expand your awareness in any part of your life.

Digital Dharma masterfully helps readers to harness AI, not merely as a technological tool, but as a partner in crafting a future where human potential solves the urgent problems facing the planet and each of us as individuals.  Deepak Chopra invites us to transcend our limitations and explore a relationship with AI that elevates collective consciousness and personal evolution at the same time.

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