Coralla Maiuri: the spring table

The spring table by Coralla Maiuri

Coralla Maiuri says that a dining table can be changed every day to not be the same as the day before. She loves to tune in onto half tones as well. Hence different tables for rainy days, for memories, for companionship.

The spring table by Coralla Maiuri

This one is the spring table, which for sure isn’t a half tone, here nature’s chaos is just about to burst. It reminds the sounds of an orchestra finetuning their instruments before coming together and playing as one.

The spring table by Coralla Maiuri

Spring table setting

The tablecloth reproduces her large glazed plexiglas painting, two large yellow clods flying in the sky and a small arch of grass blades. Apexes of hyacinths bulbs sprout from the tablecloth as if crossing the table; some glasses are filled with grass blades; others with water of the same color of the flowers, as if announcing the imminence of the great prodigy the nature is.

The spring table by Coralla Maiuri

I enjoyed setting this table because I think it represents nature pressing to come out, the cheerful chaos of this time of year, the joy of feeling invaded by the never ending eros of life,

says Coralla Maiuri

The plates of Coralla Maiuri are the leading actors of this fresco. They belong to different collections, together they are a playful mix. Some have a primeval dot in the center; others have seeds and pollen chasing each other in a spiral. Musical instruments keep finetuning, a rabbit must have run on the table because it has scattered earth here and there.

The spring table by Coralla Maiuri

A puppy barks; the daffodils get rid of their vases putting on show their beautiful tangle of clear roots.

The spring table by Coralla Maiuri

For sure there will be on the table stir-fried chicory, broad beans and ricotta cheese.

Coralla Maiuri creates unique and timeless collections with a sunny and experimental style.

For many years I painted, made installations and videos, designed furniture.

Designer and artist, devoted to experimentation, Coralla Maiuri has found her most recent expression in the porcelain. “The dish is a small planet that has been with us for millennia. Mine are like a teeming world emerging from a primordial pond, or with a spherical shape in the center, as in Etruscan paterae and middle eastern votive dishes.”

Her porcelain and ceramic are unique, refined creations, dreamy and familiar at the same time. Primary aesthetics and sophisticated style mix in a combination of art and design. Each collection is a story full of grace and joy. Coralla’s Mug, her own design and a symbol of her work, comes in many decorations sometimes hiding small surprises.

My porcelain glitters with gold, they are immediate and sunny, and their most important task is to cheer up.

Coralla Maiuri porcelain is on sale at 10 Corso Como Milan, Seoul; Sue Fisher King, San Francisco; The Table Series, Beirut; Lane Crawford, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hong Kong; Bellissimo, Sun Valley; Fanny Bolen Interiors, Oklahoma City; Lori Karbal, Birmingham; The DAR, Moscow; TableArt, Los Angeles; Mary Mahoney, Palm Beach; Menus Plaisirs, Gstaad; The Papilion, Jakarta. Online stores: Amara, Artemest, Moda Operandi and 1Stdibs.