BULGARI: Monete Catene High Jewellery Secret Watches

Bulgari, the renowned “Roman jeweler of time”, proudly presents the new Monete Catene Secret Watches. The watches, inspired by Nicola Bulgari’s innovative “Gemme Nummarie” from the 1960s, represent a culmination of Bulgari’s know-how and artistic creativity.

Both Monete Catene Secret Watches are adorned with rare and precious antique coins, powerful symbols of history. The gold jewelry watches set with diamonds nestle gently on the wrist thanks to flexible chain bracelets, a reinterpretation of the “gourmet” link chains of the 1940s. A true treasure of mechanical miniaturization ticks almost inaudibly in the jewelry watches: the Bulgari Piccolissimo movement.

Historical inspiration and timeless style

The Monete Catene high jewelry watches are inspired by a watch from the 1970s and depict the reign of the imperial couple Septimus Severus and Julia Domna. The Monete Catene watches – crafted from gold and diamonds – are a testament to refined aesthetics. Thanks to its 8 edges, the case of the Monete Catene is reminiscent of the geometric embossing of the Octo-Monete models, inspired by the ceiling of the Basilica of Maxentius in Rome.

Architectural beauties

The Monete Catene Dual Time cleverly combines the shine of yellow gold with that of rose gold, a typical two-tone combination of the time. Two dials with different-colored hands show the time in two different time zones. Baguette- and brilliant-cut diamonds and a delicate diamond pavé setting turn these Secret Watches into works of jewelry art. Two cabochon emeralds, Bulgari’s trademark, open to reveal the hidden dial.

The Monete Catene Secret Watches are extended by elegant chain bracelets (ital.: catene). The “gourmet” link chains have been part of Bulgari’s creative heritage since the 1940s. The Piccolissimo BVL 100 movement, developed by the Bulgari Manufacture, is the smallest round caliber and masterfully combines haute joaillerie and haute horlogerie. The hand-wound caliber is reminiscent of the jewelry watches equipped with mechanical movements of yesteryear.

Technical specifications:


Haute joaillerie secret watch in rose gold, set with diamonds (~4.10 ct). Case set with a denarius coin with the portrait of Caracalla (198-217 AD). Mechanical micro-manufactured movement Piccolissimo, caliber BVL 100 with manual winding, height 2.5 mm, 30-hour power reserve, frequency 21,600 Vph (3Hz).


Haute joaillerie secret watch in red, yellow or white gold, set with baguette-cut diamonds (~21.76 ct) and brilliant-cut diamonds (~20.80 ct). Case with a monete coin with the portrait of Septimus Severus (193-211 AD) and a monete coin with the portrait of Julia Domna (193-217 AD). Two cabochon emeralds (0.12 ct) serve as pushers to open the watch. It is equipped with two mechanical Piccolissimo caliber BVL 100 micro movements with manual winding, height 2.5 mm, 30-hour power reserve, frequency 21,600 Vph (3Hz), for displaying two different time zones.