Midgard Floor lamp Modular Alu ©Midgard Midgard Floor lamp Modular Alu ©Midgard

Text by Nina Prehofer

Curt Fischer invented the first directional electric lamp 100 years ago. He called his firm Midgard, and the lamps were know by names such as “Lichtbogen” (“arc”) and “Peitsche” (“whip”).

Midgard TYP 502 Table lamp

The Bauhaus avant-garde designers of the 1920s were impressed by Fischer’s devices. Architects, photographers, typographers and painters loved the flexible directional light and anti-glare reflectors, and used the models in their ateliers. Modern lamps from Midgard became a standard feature in their workplaces.

Midgard TYP 551 Table lamp