Bergwiesenglück,Tyrol, Austria: There´s something in the air!

Anyone who recognises this song from the 1950s will know that it continues by referring to a very special fragrance. Exactly which fragrance isn’t specified, we just know that it’s seductive. Perhaps it’s the calming scent of lavender from a mountain pasture, or the powerful fragrance of pine from the parlour. Maybe it’s referring to the sweet smell of Kaiserschmarren (chopped pancakes) coming from the tavern on the mountain. If the song had come from Paznauntal, all of that may well have been the case. At the Bergwiesenglück boutique hotel, it smells the same indoors as it does outdoors, and that doesn’t mean it just smells of fresh air. Eyes and nose at the ready.


When a hotel is called “Bergwiesenglück” (literally: mountain-pasture-happiness), you obviously expect a mountain pasture. The one that was planted here serves as a guide towards the chalets. But the rosemary, lavender, lilacs, peonies, catnip and more don’t just delight guests, they also appeal to the bees who buzz around meditatively. And sometimes a stem flower is taken inside as a beautifully scented decoration.


Surrounding the hotel is a large field. And that doesn’t just satisfy the desire of mindful travellers
to escape. It is mown in July and then the scent of fresh grass is all you can smell. The resulting
hay can be found in items like Almut von Wildheim luminaires and on the plates at the Hermann’s
Kitchen restaurant.


As a traditional Tyrolean building material, wood is omnipresent here, particularly local species like spruce and larch. There is a parlour made out of pine in the restaurant that was bought from a farmer. And the interior of the former timber barn was renovated with branches and boards and turned into a climbing and games heaven.


Whether relaxation at the Bergwiesenglück smells of the sauna, massage oil or shower lotion
depends on your personal requirements. The Alpine rose fragrance is especially popular, as it
helps release stress and unwind. Pine promotes sleep. Mountain pine is beneficial for your airways.
And invigorates the mountain pasture.


“That’s the best Kaiserschmarren I’ve ever eaten” – that’s a sentence you’ll hear often in Hermann’s
Kitchen. The secret behind it will not be given away. All we can say is that you run the risk of
remembering a stay at the Bergwiesenglück every time you catch the sweet smell of caramelised

A chalet village in the Paznaun valley for
moments of happiness in nature.