Working like in the 70s

The best of the 1970s and the best of the present come together at 45 Whitfield Street, London. Here is an office that is both a workplace and an object of style.

London in the seventies, a period in the history of the British capital that was both fascinating and contradictory. Social, cultural and political changes characterised this period. Feminism, punk and rock music shook up youth culture. Economic challenges and social unrest were added to the mix – unemployment rose and at the same time British film reached its peak at this time. A time of change and new beginnings. Being alternative, wild and free – attributes that can also be found in today’s generation.

The wild seventies and the refined English style. Contrasts that the architects at London-based architecture studio dMFK have reconciled stylistically. 45 Whitfield Street,is the name of the office from the 1970s in London’s Fitzrovia district. The wildness of that decade is still in the walls of the building – you could perhaps still sense it in the previous interior design. The architects at dMFK have renovated the office and managed to capture the history and character of the building in the process.


980 square metres of office space were completely renovated, retaining only the stainless steel and prefabricated concrete façade. After the building had been repeatedly remodelled over the last fifty years, it was now time for a final redesign that would do justice to the essence of the building. So it was back to square one and a new way of thinking. dMFK’s approach emphasised the essence of 45 Whitfield Street – they managed to bring the 1970s into the 2020s and adapt it to the modern office structures of the present.

The connections between the individual floors have been improved and the ground floor now has a large, inviting entrance area. The basement with its own bicycle entrance offers enough space to park bikes. There are also showers and changing rooms for environmentally friendly commuters.

The 70s are back in fashion

In keeping with the spirit of the 1970s, 45 Whitfield Street has (once again) become a modern building and a modern workspace. Advanced technologies and sustainable improvements meet the needs of employees. High-quality surfaces and worktops made from recycled wood scraps mingle with dark wood panelling and terrazzo-style tiles.

A very unique atmosphere is created here – vintage and modern meet and turn the office building into a stylish workplace. Warmth, colour and different structures play together, giving the building back its identity. The typical diamond-shaped windows, which adorn the façade of the building and have also been retained as a stylistic element in the interior, also stand out.

Office or style object?

45 Whitfield Street is a workplace that has its very own atmosphere. Communal work areas, telephone booths, meeting rooms – at first glance, it looks as if you are actually in the 70s. At the same time, you enter a modern office that fulfils all the wishes of today’s employees. It’s the mix that makes the difference!

In other words, an office that could stylistically become the new it-piece for the working population. And it reflects the spirit of the roaring seventies in many ways: a time of change and new beginnings.

Text: Eva Schroeder
Fotos: dMFK