Aratani・Fay, DETROIT // World Wide Things Collection


The design studio ArataniFay was set up by Ayako Aratani and Evan Fay.

They work as independent designers but share a studio, exhibit together and also collaborate on joint projects. Their work focuses on intuitive design methods for the creation of artistic items for everyday use.

Interview: Nina Prehofer

What is the link between your design and Detroit?

The environment in Detroit gives us the freedom to create everything we want. Our design reflects the post-industrial society that surrounds us and is an opportunity to translate and express a poetic moment for our changing society.

The “Lawless Stool” and the “Click-Clock” are part of the WWTC. Tell me more about them.

The “Lawless” series by Evan Fay plays with the irregularities of the handmade, with a focus on intuitive design methods and spontaneous shapes. To retain a balance between metaphor and function, each piece is rhythmically connected and this allows it to grow. Every object follows the principle of “beauty in chaos” within a structured landscape, generating striking dialogue.

The discovery of a poetic moment in the midst of dystopia can be an opportunity to celebrate new perspectives in design.

The “Click-Clock” by Ayako Aratani is a timepiece in stained porcelain. Softly sculpted lines gently hint at the time of day. Shadows on the surface change with the passage of sunlight and the silent movement peacefully disperses the clamour of daily life.

What inspires you in Detroit?

The Cranbrook Academy of Art and Belle Island, a park on an island in the Detroit River.

Your café recommendation?

The Alley Cat Café ( and Sister Pie (

Detroit is a city currently experiencing many changes. The development of places, systems and products that allow all residents to be a part of revitalisation means that designers can become a driving force in the city,

says Olga Stella, Executive Director of Design Core Detroit.

That is why the Month of Design organised talks, exhibitions, workshops and open
studios right across Detroit.