AIOLA Vase: fancy & exotic // DAY 15

This extraordinary AIOLA vase in olive green will give your home a fancy and exotic touch.


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The world of AIOLA

Nestled between old town walls and cobblestones, lies a place brimming with happiness. A colourful world of fine tableware, wallpaper, pictures and furniture that whispers stories and inspires. Hidden between the small glances & big glow are favourite pieces like the wonderful green vase.

Beautiful things to take with you

Plates under vases, next to lamps and glasses above tables, behind armchairs in front of shelves; all the wonderful things that inspire & preserve the precious. Decoration & interior – hand-selected from all over the world. An interior store full of specialities that AIOLA seeks and finds – from its travels through Europe, to Landhausgasse 7 & on to a new home.


AIOLA Vase in olive green

Width 17.50 cm
Height 24.50 cm

Available at AIOLA LIVING Store
Landhausgasse 7, 8010 Graz


Step into the dreamlike world of AIOLA LIVING, marvel & browse. Here you will find small insights into an inspiring place that has its home in the heart of Graz & shows itself in full bloom between small eye-catchers and big statements.

Photos: AIOLA, Tina Reiter

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