AIOLA Tumbler: Libbey Hobstar – Double Old Fashioned // DAY 2

AIOLA Tumbler

AIOLA Tumbler- Libbey Hobstar 35 cl Tumbler.

Libbey’s classic design, the Hobstar is a perennial favorite for today’s cocktail culture – found in bars all over the world.

The etched glass look dates back to Libbey’s brilliant cut glass period, but is now remade with today’s premium performance features. Rediscover a classic, special glass with an inspiring pattern. Very suitable for serving water, drinks, cocktails or whiskey. In this glass you can serve a Caiparinha very nicely.


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Nestled between old town walls and cobblestones, lies a place brimming with happiness. A colourful world of fine tableware, wallpaper, pictures and furniture that whispers stories and inspires. Hidden between the small glances & big glow are favourite pieces like the wonderful AIOLA Tumbler Libbey Hobstar 35 cl.


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Plates under vases, next to lamps and glasses above tables, behind armchairs in front of shelves; all the wonderful things that inspire & preserve the precious. Decoration & interior – hand-selected from all over the world. An interior store full of specialities that AIOLA seeks and finds – from its travels through Europe, to Landhausgasse 7 & on to a new home.

AIOLA Tumbler
Libbey Hobstar 35 cl

Height: 4.125 in
Top Diameter: 3.5 in.
Bottom Diameter: 3 in.
Maximum Diameter: 3.5 in.

This glass is dishwasher safe.
Available at AIOLA LIVING Store
Landhausgasse 7, 8010 Graz

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