Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery announced the opening of its new sculpture garden with a series of monumental sculptures by Belgian contemporary artist Arne Quinze. A series of large-scale sculptures, curated by Berlin-based art consultant Reiner Opoku, offer an enchanting fusion of contemporary sculpture and rural nature, bringing new colours and light to the property.

When the stresses of day-to-day life get too much, holidays can be spent relaxing and soaking up the sun while enjoying some privacy. In line with their philosophy that “time and privacy are the new luxury”, the Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery provides the innovative approach of the villa concept – a private hotel just for you.::

Brave, braver, Werner Hauser! The winemaker from Poysdorf, who is already running the family winery in the 13th generation, lives by the motto “Life is fun”. His wines and wine products are also bursting with joie de vivre: from the classic G’Spritzten to a liaison of wine & tonic and even his own perfume (!), everything is included. Now, in addition to the new Poy-Secco Feel Greener, anno1555 also presents a fortified wine in two varieties…

Dear readers! Today we are sending you lovely holiday greetings from the POST Family Resort in the tranquil village of Unken in Salzburger Land. From boccia, swimming pond and ball pool to pool, horses and Playstation – nobody can get bored here. The Culinary Friendship evening was our personal highlight: exceptionally good food at the Strandhaus with lovely people and a great atmosphere. We spoke to visionary host Florian Unseld about food, family as inspiration and the town of Unken. But read for yourself. All the best, THE Stylemate team