The Geba Carpet Gallery has been located in the heart of the old town of Graz since 1987 and is renowned in international carpet design. At its beginning, Harald Geba decided to rethink carpets. He is considered a pioneer of the idea of combining modern designs with traditional craftsmanship. Today, Geba rugs are classics of a timeless modernity, in which the charm and flair of handwork always remain palpable …

They find the space for this in the Geba carpet gallery, which has been at home in the heart of Graz’s old town since 1987 and is a permanent fixture in international carpet design. Inspired by modern art and architecture, Harald Geba rethought the carpet. Since then, Geba carpets have combined timeless modern designs with traditional craftsmanship.

GEBA – Rug “Antique Blue”

Material: 90% Tibetan sheep wool, 10% Chinese silk

GEBA rugs are made from the wool of high mountain sheep from Tibet and handmade in a studio in Nepal by friendly weaving families.