Never before has a spiritual teacher explained the message of yoga in such an exciting and entertaining way. The Indian yoga master Sadhguru is a shining example for countless people. In The Wisdom of a Yogi, he describes his personal experiences and profound insights that have transformed his own life and consciousness. They are exemplary and have the power to sustainably support one’s own personal development. Numerous exercises – meditative and quite everyday – invite positive changes in our lives that will make us happier, more mindful and freer.

We are richer than ever. At least as measured by that free time in which we can develop a cure for cancer, create significant works of art, and make the world a better place. But we are in danger of squandering this precious treasure, allowing the lure of the digital world to win the competition for our attention. So how will we use this limited resource in the future, when nothing less than the future of humanity depends on it?