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100 ml Eau de Parfum by Wiener Blut 

When the Bora wind whips the black waters of the Quarnero, a fresh, salty mist engulfs the Coast of Laurels, the grand riviera of Imperial Austria.

The master of the Renaissance: Michelangelo is one of that handful of artists whose fame has remained unbroken for centuries. Although his art and ideals are deeply rooted in the thinking of his time – the heyday of the Renaissance and the advancing 16th century – the impact of his art extends to the present day.

ALBERTINA MODERN’s major fall exhibition is dedicated to outstanding artists from both countries. However, it does not focus on the long history that connects us, but allows important collection positions of the ALBERTINA to enter into an exciting dialogue in a direct juxtaposition – for example Maria Lassnig with Georg Baselitz, Arnulf Rainer with Gerhard Richter, Franz West with Sigmar Polke.

Why we love some objects in particular, how design can help us live together and protect the planet, and what is always beautiful about the work of designers – the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has made it its business to explore the role of design in society. And it does so throughout the city, with just as much fun as seriousness, with free admission and plenty of exciting programming for everyone from kids to design professionals…

You come home in the evening exhausted from work, from the traffic, from stress. You need a holiday, relaxation, to unwind. What if there were a hotel, a home away from home, a retreat where you could feel at ease? A place where the fox and the hare wish you goodnight, where it’s calm and you can do what you like, but also don’t have to do anything at all? Such a place does exist: Refugium Lunz…

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death, the ALBERTINA commemorates Pablo Picasso – the greatest and most influential artist of the 20th century: a trailblazer for the first half of the century with Cubism, a major representative of Symbolism with his Blue Period, the pioneer of Classicism in the 1920s, and the ideal for the Neo-Expressionist movements of the 1980s with his late work. His oeuvre of approximately 50,000 works reflects the vast political changes and fast-moving avant-garde movements of his era from the turn of the century to the early 1970s.