In a fast-paced society in which it is often a case of “higher, faster and further”, the Danish interior brand SOFACOMPANY would like to encourage people to pause more often and reflect on their own home as a source of peace and inspiration. In particular, pieces of furniture characterised by a clear, timeless design provide the necessary space for the mind and body to recharge their batteries without distraction.

Brave, braver, Werner Hauser! The winemaker from Poysdorf, who is already running the family winery in the 13th generation, lives by the motto “Life is fun”. His wines and wine products are also bursting with joie de vivre: from the classic G’Spritzten to a liaison of wine & tonic and even his own perfume (!), everything is included. Now, in addition to the new Poy-Secco Feel Greener, anno1555 also presents a fortified wine in two varieties…

As Head of Design at Wittmann, Alice Wittmann is now responsible for the development of new models from the brief to the presentation of the finished furniture. In this role, the daughter of Ulrike Wittmann and Heinz Hofer-Wittmann will be intensively involved in the model policy of her family company and support the development department in all design processes and in collaboration with designers.

The Beauty of Diversity moves in the field of tension between an established understanding of art and its renewal. The exhibition unfolds its persuasive power in the juxtaposition of renowned artists who have always wanted to strain the canon and yet have become canonised, and new discoveries as well as those who irritate viewing habits, swim against the tide, shake the foundations of high culture, break the norm and thus establish the aesthetics of diversity.

In the legendary winter sports destination of Sölden in the heart of the Ötztal Alps, you’ll find THE SECRET, a mystical and magical resort that opened its doors in March 2022 following extensive renovation and expansion work. For guests who are looking for both a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a retreat in nature, the modern lifestyle hotel is the place to be.