Perched high above Lake Garda, on the hill of Albisano, is Villa Maya, the new project from the heart of MEISSL-Architects. For a long time now, the village of Albisano has been known for its charming flair, its enchanting narrow streets and its spectacular views, but it is only since spring 2023 that it has also been allowed to call itself home to a bright, elegant apartment building.

Sweden. The land of cinnamon buns, moose and idyllic red summer cottages on crystal-clear lakes. As well as the homeland of Scandinavian design, which has conquered the world from there with its clear shapes, functionality and friendly colors. Anyone whose heart beats for the popular design movement should definitely stay at the two Scandic Hotels in Munich and Frankfurt. And, by the way, get inspired for your own home.

A 5-Minute Morning Yoga for Peace

Nadi Shuddhi is a 5-minute guided yoga routine for positive energy. It balances your energy system (nadis), calms your mind and improves your ability to act effectively. The practice is great for beginners and can be done anywhere: at home, in the office, the park. Try out Nadi Shuddhi and realize the benefits in no time.