Making the world more beautiful piece by piece? That is the vision of Mezza —Maiso. The design studio from Vienna has already created many places, spaces and objects and has considered every single one of them down to the smallest detail. Jürgen Hamberger and Verena Wohlkönig leave nothing to chance. What does it take to realize a project? Good groundwork, a lot of dedication and the willingness to go the extra mile. With the Nils am See, they recently created a new hotspot in Burgenland.

“Hey Vienna, At least one concept from Berlin made it to the neighbourhood” could be read on the red backlit notice board at the opening of the new Shiso location. The burgers with an Asian twist are now also available in Vienna. But it’s not just the culinary side of things that’s best of both worlds here. Thanks to the renowned architecture studio Tzou Lubroth the interior is very stylish – including a pinch of Viennese style.

An oasis of tranquility in the bustling heart of the metropolis. A place of contemplation and retreat, serving as a counterpoint to the bustling activities of the urban surroundings. The historically preserved ensemble, consisting of a former courthouse and a women’s prison, has been redesigned, expanded, and repurposed by the architects Grüntuch Ernst. It now houses the Hotel Wilmina, the Lovis Restaurant, and an art and cultural space called Amtsalon.