Helsinki has a lively and high-quality food culture that is still not fully recognised internationally. The goal of the City of Helsinki’s new food strategy is to highlight the Finnish capital’s unique food offerings and promote Helsinki as a world-class food city. Food will also be a central theme at the Matka Nordic Travel Fair on 20-22 January 2023. Helsinki’s food story will also be shared to the world by the restaurant Finnjävel’s pop-up at COMO The Halkin Hotel in London from 21 March to 1 April 2023.

Rovaniemi, Jan. 17, 2023- Recycling and conserving resources are becoming increasingly important in times of climate crisis. The transport sector is responsible for almost a quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, making it a major cause of climate change. The sector is also the main cause of air pollution in urban areas. Car manufacturers such as Polestar are therefore also continuing to look for innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, as can be seen in the run-up to Arctic Design Week in Finland.

The recently completed research and development centre for MAM Health & Innovation by INNOCAD architecture is one of the honoured projects of the 2022 Best of Year Awards of the American Interior Design Magazine in the category “Medium Corporate Office”. The award ceremony took place in New York City on December 8th where editor-in-chief Cindy Allen announced the 2022 Best of Year projects in different categories. This project that summarizes INNOCAD‘s and 13&9 Design‘s holistic design approach, has been also THE PLAN Award 2022 honoree, Bauherrenpreis 2022 nominee as well as World Architecture Festival Awards 2021 finalist. In an interview Martin and Anastasija Lesjak discussed the holistic approach.