ALO Yoga is a brand that specialises in yoga clothing and equipment with a focus on style, functionality and sustainability. Since its founding, ALO Yoga has established itself as a leader in yoga fashion, inspiring both yoga enthusiasts and fashionistas worldwide. With a philosophy that combines fashion with a consious lifestyle, ALO Yoga is setting new standards in the industry.

The Alto Hotel Group not only owns fantastic hotels in South Tyrol, it also runs a brand for mindful experiences. With arise, body and mind are brought to new heights. Yoga and sound baths ensure personal growth. The stylish course locations in Bolzano and Lana are all’altezza and provide the perfect setting to shine.

Between the forest and the orchard is the perfect place at the Apfelhotel to
unwind, and there’s now a new Yoga- and movement room to do the same.
The natural shades in the light-filled space ground you, the wood provides
strength and the floaty curtains allow negative thoughts to be carried away
on the wind. In addition to yoga or tabata sessions, meditation is another popular option with chanting, singing bowls and harmonium. Would you like a taster of what to expect? Yoga teacher Silvia takes us on an enlightening voyage through our bodies.

The circle closes at OLM, the round Eco Aparthotel in the South Tyrolean Taufer Valley. It all began with a millstone – now guests can expect a refined “Olm” character in harmony with nature. Harmonious architecture, a forward-looking catering concept and a hotel that is energy self-sufficient and certified for its sustainability characterise the OLM. Everything runs smoothly here: