In the heart of tranquil serenity and surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, lies a hidden gem that promises an extraordinary escape from the ordinary – The Wild Hotel in Mykonos. Nestled at the intersection of luxury and nature, this unique haven redefines the concept of hospitality, offering an unparalleled experience that combines opulence with the untamed wilderness. From its stunning architecture to its eco-conscious ethos, The Wild Hotel is a testament to how modern luxury can harmonize with the environment.

Shouldn’t the vacation season be the most beautiful time of the year? But far too often, one is already with the vacation planning in despair and one asks oneself quickly: “How should that be only in the vacation? Whether as a couple or family, it is always important to somehow satisfy everyone and in the end, someone with the needs or desires somehow falls by the wayside. But please, it doesn’t have to be like that on your next vacation! We take a look at the most beautiful dead end in the world. To Vorarlberg in Kleinwalsertal, there is the Naturhotel Chesa Valisa****s at 1,200 meters, a climate-neutral BIO hotel run in the 14th generation.

The SEPP boasts Alpine charm, modern twists and delightful coolness – you might call it exSEPPtional. The hotel doesn’t just blend old and new, tradition and contemporary influences – it also brings all of its guests together, in line with the philosophy that you’re never alone when surrounded by others. We found out why the hotel is only open to those over 21, whether SEPP is better in summer or winter in Maria Alm and what they actually mean by “open door, open mind”..

Everything is changing, including the hotel industry. Two people who have experienced this process firsthand and helped shape it are Michael and Philipp Madreiter, brothers and Puradies hoteliers with a passion. Reasons enough to talk to them about the past, present and future of the industry…