2-Minute Quick Focus Reset Meditation: Regain Focus to Work, Study, or Get Tasks Done

Having trouble focusing? Need to study or get work done? Looking for something to focus your classroom or team? Reset your focus with this quick mindfulness exercise. Narrated by Headspace Meditation and Mindfulness teacher Kessonga Giscombe, this meditation for focus will bring out the innate concentration within you and help you get back on track without getting distracted. Quick and easy exercise to regain your focus.

In Lourmarin, Provence, sits Le Moulin, an old mill transformed into a hotel and village shop. Sitting opposite the chateau, it is a place to meet people and stay the night, a spot for locals and you. Here, you can enjoy a coffee while listening to the sounds of the market, go for a dip in the pool, and head out on a bicycle along nearby trails..

The kitchen is far more than just a place for cooking and eating. It is usually the centre of the home and whether integrated into the living room or as a separate room, whether small or large – it is the hub of everyday living and communal get-togethers. That’s why the French interior brand Plum focuses on stylish multifunctionality in its individual, creative kitchen concepts, combining smart storage solutions with homely design ideas, such as inviting seating, and uniting them with a great sense of colour to create colourful works of art…

Helsinki has a lively and high-quality food culture that is still not fully recognised internationally. The goal of the City of Helsinki’s new food strategy is to highlight the Finnish capital’s unique food offerings and promote Helsinki as a world-class food city. Food will also be a central theme at the Matka Nordic Travel Fair on 20-22 January 2023. Helsinki’s food story will also be shared to the world by the restaurant Finnjävel’s pop-up at COMO The Halkin Hotel in London from 21 March to 1 April 2023.

Food is a distinct chapter in Sifnos. The island has a great gastronomic tradition; you can taste it in every single bite. There’s no wonder why Nikolaos Tselementes, the Greek cook that changed the course of Greek gastronomy, was born here. While Greece is well-known for its cuisine and most of the travellers are interested in tasting traditional dishes, the food in Sifnos has something unique that differentiates it; maybe it’s the way that humble ingredients transform into an explosion of taste.

One villa – five manufactories: the overall interior design concepts and objects of Hering Berlin, Steng Licht, Wood & Washi, Tischlerei Prödl and Lohberger can be experienced directly, for example, in the Villa Hering on Berlin’s Schlachtensee. What all five companies have in common is the holistic approach that forms the core of the manufactories’ philosophy…