The “Red Sea Project” is one of the most ambitious regenerative projects in the world. From 2023, the western coast of Saudi Arabia will feature a new form of barefoot luxury spanning over 28,000 square kilometers, with an archipelago of more than 90 untouched natural islands, plus dormant volcanoes, deserts, mountains and cultural sites.

They’re conquering the international Art scene from Dubai. Their portfolio includes contemporary artists from Austria to Abu Dhabi and all the way to Iran: meet couple Kourosh Nouri and Nadine Knotzer and their gallery, Carbon 12. THE Stylemate spoke to the Pair about the future of art and the Expo, and got a few insider tips about Dubai from those in the know.

Querkraft architects from vienna are the creative minds behind the austrian pavilion at the expo in dubai. We spoke to owner and partner Gerd Erhartt about what makes a life successful expo appearance, the climate concepts of the future and the importance of emotional connection in designing a more sustainable future.

You come home in the evening exhausted from work, from the traffic, from stress. You need a holiday, relaxation, to unwind. What if there were a hotel, a home away from home, a retreat where you could feel at ease? A place where the fox and the hare wish you goodnight, where it’s calm and you can do what you like, but also don’t have to do anything at all? Such a place does exist: Refugium Lunz…