Going Dark: The Contemporary Figure at the Edge of Visibility presents works of art that feature partially obscured or hidden figures, thus positioning them at the “edge of visibility.” In this art context, the common phrase going dark is understood as a tactic whereby artists visually conceal the body to explore a key tension in contemporary society: the desire to be seen and the desire to be hidden from sight.

Furniture with personality, its own design signature and individual interior design concepts are must-haves in the contract sector. The Austrian hotel and contract furnishing company Symphonic by ADA produces special furniture with tailor-made concepts and offers its partners complete solutions with the highest level of comfort and in exclusive style. The conditions for this are optimal: as a wholly owned subsidiary of ADA Möbelwerke Holding AG, the largest upholstered furniture manufacturer in Austria, Symphonic by ADA can draw on decades of experience…

The OLM Nature Escape is definitely a building with a recognisable character. How did it come about to plan a round building, what challenges are associated with the 360° angle and why is the shape also a symbol of sustainability? We spoke to architect Andreas Gruber about his first hospitality project, which has been thoroughly thought through!

Vienna, 18 April – The Calle Libre Street Art association, known for its artworks on façades in urban spaces, is surprising us with its latest initiative: the exhibition “Comm:unity – a female street art exhibition” brings street art to the renowned Galerie Hartinger. From 25 April 2024, the gallery will be presenting a diverse selection of works by six talented female artists from the street art scene.