The JET SET design team used three credos when it created its FW24/25 collection: Embrace the heritage, revive the legends, and shake the future. Now, with the launch of the collection, JET SET invites the bold and daring to travel back in time to honor the brand’s Swiss heritage and discover a new dimension in ski fashion and apres ski couture. It’s time to step on planet JET SET.

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The Trunk Hotel Yoyogi Park boasts an exposed raw concrete facade, a collaborative creation of Japanese studio Keiji Ashizawa Design and Danish firm Norm Architects. This boutique hotel, the third installment in the Tokyo-based Trunk hotel trio, embraces the concept of “urban recharge,” seeking harmony between tradition and modernity, nature and the city, and the fusion of Japanese and European craftsmanship.

Exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet: For many people, these are at the top of the list when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. Well-known New Year’s resolutions are simply part of the change. And to ensure that it doesn’t just remain a resolution, the motivation to live healthier should also be realised. With a few practical tips and a new outfit for sport, it will be much easier.