Spectacular architecture coupled with sustainable building is usually at home in urban settings. But Norway’s towering mountains are now the backdrop for contemporary architecture that is a welcome retreat after a long hike. Tungestølen is found on a plateau at the foot of Jostedalsbreen, Europe’s highest mainland glacier. These mountain cabins have far more to offer than the usual food and lodgings with a dormitory full of mattresses. And so it is no coincidence that the project was designed by Snøhetta, one of the world’s most prestigious architectural firms. Their client was Luster Turlag, a local branch of the Norwegian National Trekking Association.

The landmark project directly on Vienna’s Danube Canal impresses with design care and special architecture by INNOCAD. The expressive, monolithic architectural concept with its characteristic form is identity-forming, explained by architect Martin Lesjak. Inside we also took care to create a balance between the urbanity of the capital and nature – with a biophilic series of luminaires. Read more in the interview with Dr. Anastasija Lesjak from 13&9 Design.