The Geba rug gallery has its roots in the ancient tradition of hand weaving. The gallery has been located in the old town of Graz since 1987 and is an internationally renowned symbol of quality and skill when it comes to rug design. Harald Geba was a trailblazer in Austria, revolutionising the classic oriental rug and in doing so, casting aside old-fashioned ideas by combining modern designs with traditional craftsmanship…

What is the right way to live? Everyone wants to be a King – balanced, calm and relaxed. But is that possible? The world is full of mice that gnaw at roots and toads that block the water to fountains. Our society is based on performance, so anyone that doesn’t work has no value. On top of that, there’s the irritating temptation of the world of commodities. But you don’t have to own everything in order to be considered successful or happy. If a fairy godmother were to appear and offer to grant three wishes, very few people would be able to decide which ones. Then there’s the constant angst-inducing news reports: coronavirus, war, climate change. Life is not easy. How much energy is expended just to find the best energy provider alone?

We all know the rule: five (portions of fruit and veg) a day to maintain your health! Martha Schultz from the Gradonna****s Mountain Resort swears by her six a day to make sure she does her bit for the environment. But what exactly is involved? Let’s find out!

Are you looking for a hero-worthy activity holiday with the whole family? The Mia Alpina family retreat in Zillertal skilfully combines a stylish atmosphere with family togetherness all under one roof. What will you experience there? You’re about to find out, with our seven holiday tips for activities in and around the resort.

At people who throw their rubbish out the window. At everyone still gleefully drinking water from a plastic bottle. At politicians whose solutions only look good on the surface. And at everyone that has stopped thinking and acting independently. With his “7Oceans” project, he wants to better protect the oceans. Not just because he loves them – but because all of our lives depend on it.