In a fast-paced society in which it is often a case of “higher, faster and further”, the Danish interior brand SOFACOMPANY would like to encourage people to pause more often and reflect on their own home as a source of peace and inspiration. In particular, pieces of furniture characterised by a clear, timeless design provide the necessary space for the mind and body to recharge their batteries without distraction.

Sweden. The land of cinnamon buns, moose and idyllic red summer cottages on crystal-clear lakes. As well as the homeland of Scandinavian design, which has conquered the world from there with its clear shapes, functionality and friendly colors. Anyone whose heart beats for the popular design movement should definitely stay at the two Scandic Hotels in Munich and Frankfurt. And, by the way, get inspired for your own home.

Norm Architects explore their influence on Scandinavian design

Guided by the purpose of wellbeing, the essence of Norm Architects’ style is balance: richness focused by restraint, simplicity imbued with warmth, complexity heightened by order. Be it architecture, interiors, or furniture, Norm’s unique brand of soft minimalism speaks to the mind as much as the body, creating and curating spaces for all. The first self-curated monograph by Norm Architects, ‘Soft Minimal’ showcases a range of works which facilitated their establishment as key figures within Nordic design.

Why we love some objects in particular, how design can help us live together and protect the planet, and what is always beautiful about the work of designers – the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has made it its business to explore the role of design in society. And it does so throughout the city, with just as much fun as seriousness, with free admission and plenty of exciting programming for everyone from kids to design professionals…