THE Stylemate Magazine, Issue 01 | 2022


The spring issue 2022 of the THE Stylemate Magazine is available as a single issue for € 12 incl. shipping.

The new spirituality

we are allowed.

In the pandemic era, concepts like “security” and “control” have become a thing of the past. They’re feelings that the lucky among us are still able to remember, but which we’re only able to experience to a limited extent. The first lockdown saw them evolve into a massive cloud of longing that hung somewhere overhead. Did they disappear into the world of transcendence? Is it because of this that our need for spirituality in our lives has grown?


The new spirituality

Spirituality is a world of permission. We’re allowed to say yes to wishes, dreams and desires, to the search for a special connection with ourselves. With our soul and with our heart. And perhaps it’s more the looking than the finding that does us good. Because looking involves discovering. And there is still so much to be discovered.

Spirituality means that life has a direction. That we’re turning towards something where we can let ourselves flourish. That’s why the new spirituality looks for places that are genuine. Genuine in how they interact with people, with other creatures and with nature. You can find the new spirituality within your own four walls, on a yoga mat or a shakti acupressure mat. You’ll find it anywhere in the world where people put the effort into creating something from their heart and soul. A hotel, a restaurant, a craft or an item of clothing. The new spirituality is anywhere that has meaning.

It’s the feeling of security in the present moment that can dispel our fear of the unknown, that allows us to let go of the need to control our lives and the world around us. Because there’s one thing we’re not allowed to forget: there’s no such thing as real control.

Issue No. 01/2022 | 40 pages

Publication date: End of March 2022