THE Stylemate Magazine, Issue 01 | 2023


The spring issue 2023 of THE Stylemate magazine is available as a single issue at the price of € 12 incl. postage and packing Versand.


What is worth striving for? Success, power, happiness, love, recognition? Love, for sure, and probably happiness as well. But why not also strive for clarity? In our increasingly complicated world, having an unclouded view of things is a huge advantage. We need to learn to understand relationships in a new way – and increase what we demand of everyone. Life is becoming more and more complex, so it’s good to have a clear head. To be able to speak using clear language. But also to be clear about what we want.


2022 was a difficult year – as the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve 2021, we said to ourselves that it could only get better next year. After this rather unassuming of years. Who would have thought that it could actually get worse? But it could. War and inflation reared their ugly heads, and even though the pandemic was receiving less attention, COVID-19 was still a constant companion. Last new year, no one dared to even think that it could only get better. Especially now. We no longer believed it – worse still, we had even become superstitious and didn’t want to jinx the new year before it had even started just by saying it. The WHO reported that the coronavirus pandemic has led to a spike in mental illnesses, and it appears as though this trend is continuing to advance. So what can we do to protect ourselves?


IssueNo. 01/2023 | 40 Pages

Publication date: end of February